The Seven Kingdoms were an alliance of races brought together when the Dragons attacked eight hundred years ago. Now, the Dragons are back and have destroyed the Seven Kingdoms.

The Dwarves, Elves, Gnolls, Goblins, Humans, Narem and Pech divided the realm out between them, united by war and divided by peace.

The Elves are locked in a bitter civil war. The Dwarves wait for their ruler to die so each clan may take the throne. Gnolls and Goblins war over land freely given. The Narem have retreated from outside contact. The Pech’s land has been destroyed and the Humans are slaves or dead at Draconic hands. Many from each race have willingly joined the Dragons, hoping to avoid their wrath, or to rule the new world the Dragons will forge.

Five adventurers in the northernmost point of the Manslands were brought together by fate. Disaster has made them into an elite fighting team. Their city has been destroyed and the few remaining survivors rally round them for help. In a world where no heroes are left, if they fall, their people die. In a world where evil has won, if they fall, everything is lost.

The world has ended. Evil has won.
In response, the world has brought forth the Chosen. Bellthorn’s Mercenaries are amongst twenty-three divine beings who will shape the world to their will. With savage powers and weaving fate with their every breath, can these Chosen unite the Seven Kingdoms before the Dragons conquer it?

Fallen Kingdoms

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