Xal is an infernal creature found in a dungeon belonging to The Grafted, having been found by them in the mountainside below Camlock.

He came with a note by one Minister Lemke asking to look after him and keep his presence a secret. Xal is unaware of most goings on around him and rarely certain what’s going on. He rarely responds to stimulus in the same way twice and cannot be healed by normal means.

He is scared of Sir Roberts. He is certain that Zayd is stealing from him.

When confronted, he is capable of changing reality in minor ways, and has a dagger of golden light which appears to have people inside it.


The mercenary Bellthorn, has had dreams of Xal and a strange celestial realm. Jaymes Altar has dreamed of Xal ordering him to dig up his mother’s grave. Neither are cetain what this means, but Xal has acknowledged the dreams.

Recent Events

Xal was wounded shortly after the Siege of Camlock and has been alternating between vomiting purple and bleeding gold. The clerics are uncertain of how to heal this, although he is acting like he was unwounded.


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