The Spire

The Spire is the capital city of the Spire Province. It is situated on the highest mainland mountainside, with rivers magically running up to the gigantic towers and grassy, beautiful squares.

The educated, arcane and technological marvels are overseen by a vast council of 10,000 members, going from the Delegate of Magic to the Delegate of Doors & Portals and the Delegate of Evenings. This baffling bureaucracy has led to very strict laws and a continued effort to follow tradition in the otherwise metropolitan city.

The legal system is so convoluted that any lawyers who train here must have five years of experience in another city, one with a simpler legal system. That way they can practice for something as strange and arcane as the Spire laws.

Magic is the primary trade, with potions, elixirs, charms and scrolls doing a large trade. Academies for people to learn magic are rife, as well as smaller schools adjacent to them, where the guards of mages become proficient with methods of protecting their physically weaker companions.

The Spire

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