A white Dragon who used to rule Camlock until her death at the hands of Avia Rheldon. She was killed in Camlock’s square and a statue was carved of Avia holding N’Hamaks head aloft. One of the heraldic symbols of Camlock is a decapitated white dragon’s head.

Compared to many of the Dragons, N’Hamak kept in humanoid form for the majority of the time, often living amongst the mortal beings and ruling them with an illusion of freedom and fairness. She and Rath Zakel had many fallings out and once she was killed, Camlock was the site where the liberation of Gildas started.

She is known as The Manipulator.

Season One Kobolds in County Gildas started painting themselves white and making shrines to N’Hamak in depleted silver mines. White, dragon-like creatures called themselves the Sons of N’Hamak and led an invasion force to Camlock. When Dane Flintwick died, she appeared to him and brought him back to life, claiming responsibility for his life, asking that he sow seeds through Camlock which spat out gigantic black spires, the transportation for her invasion forces.

Recent Events: Season Two N’Hamak’s forces invaded Camlock and drove the populace away. The orphanage owner, Abbey Laughton was shot in the heart by a poisoned arrow but miraculously survived. Later it was discovered that N’Hamak has possessed her body, but only Dane knows this. She has been making requests of Dane and asking William King for lessons in swordfighting. N’Hamak has gifted Dane with a familiar and revealed that Arla Asaro was aware of her existence.


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