Humans are a young race and expansive. The first humans were found in giant underground chambers by the Narem thousands of years ago. They were too many and too spread out to hide like the Fey or the Dwarves when the Dragons came. As the race predominantly possessed by The Chosen, they led rebellions and took over the Seven Kingdoms from the Dragons’ rule. Most of the twenty-three counties are ruled by Humans. They are like candles, living short, bright lives and then passing away into the histories.

Humans in the Seven Kingdoms

The people of Leonis are the most civilised and fair, favouring magic and diplomacy over combat, the capital of the Manslands is here, but in conflict over who should rule it.

The Gildans are in scattered towns along the northern hills and mountains, a hardy, resolved folk who keep to themselves and control most resources in The Manslands.

The Nerianers vary between merchants and wild folk, living amongst the more wild parts of the Manlands, they have the sea on three sides of them and control most of the human trade routes.

The people of Spire are educated and live in refitted ancient cities stretching across the middle of the Seven Kingdoms.

In the west, nomadic Plainsmen live with the Gnolls, some settling in small cities hidden amongst the wild.

Other human areas include the Wildlanders, who inhabit the largest unaffiliated lands and Tech, who inhabit an island to the north and believe in the ancient technology magics.


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