Finian is the capital of County Finian, a mountain town, it is known for its bustling market and its resource-poor mountainside.

Founding Finian, aspected to the Hawk, was founded as a Draconic fiefdom, being only a mining town before then. Yiteleph, one of the more greedy dragons, conned the more ascetic Da’Sth out of the land and started mining vast amounts of silver. When Camlock was overthrown by Avia Rheldon’s forces, Finian was the next to fall to the hands of the Resistance.

Rulership Once ruled by humans, Finian became a city ruled by a tyrant lord who manipulated the trade routes with the military forces from the vassal town Wyrmwick. Despite the one entrance in and out of Finian, the market became the city’s largest asset, as Yiteleph had drained the silver resources dry.

Scorpion Knights After the Chosen Civil War, the Knights of Gildas moved to Wyrmwick and continued to teach their unorthodox polearm styles and how best to move freely in plate mail. The Scorpion Knights took over the town and forced the Hawk Knights back into Finian, where they were used to enforce the peace. The autocratic rule of the self-proclaimed Merchant King Edgar Hawthorne’s knights performed ritual murder of peasants, burning down homes of his detractors and banning mass gatherings or attempted fleeing of locals on pain of death. Hawthorne’s eventual demise came from the merchants, who were afforded the most freedom, but were just as oppressed as the citizenry. They allied with the Scorpion Knights who enacted a bloody coup, killing Hawthorne and the majority of his soldiers.

Aftermath The palace was destroyed and the ruins turned into a large market. The old market became a park and shrine to Quarg, who was taken on as the deity for the city, not only for his domains of trade and travel, but to honour the dead and praise the public execution of King Hawthorne. The Finian Mercant’s Guild currently ran the city equally with the Hawk Knights, most of whom were transferred from the Scorpion Knights who used their control of Wyrmwick to build their own army.

Notable Locations Finian had a church to Tarantar (as is the law of The Spire) and a church to Quarg. There was a ruined temple to the Merchant King, who ordered statues and a church built to himself. The statues were all destroyed throughout the city and the temple was burned to the ground. The main feature of the city was an artificial hill which housed the market in the former castle. Some homeless people lived in old corridors and rooms, but most of the halls were made into shops and the courtyard had temporary merchant tents rotating constantly. There were huge supply buildings which were managed by the Hawk Knights, as the merchants were not always trusted to only take their own supplies when necessary.


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