The High Elves were the tribe of Elves who took the domain of the sky.

They have paler skin than any other Elf-race, insectoid wings and hollow bones. The High Elves have continued the original research of the first Elf tribes.


The High Elves have taken the name of Fey, after the creatures they made mystical contracts with to gain even more power. The term “High Elf” is more to do with the domain of the sky than their superiority, despite what many of their kind suggest.

Recent History

For the last two centuries, the Fey have been at war with the other Elves. After driving the Dockalfen off the Fey Isle, they encouraged was with the Alfen. The Alfen retreated to their colonies, but those were attacked by a spontanious explosion of Feywild forces. The Fey have remained wither in their island, or Country Leonis and The Spire Province.


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