Fallen Gildas

Gildas was the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, built large enough for the Narem to fit through every passageway, with districts bigger than some cities and a palace sat in the centre like a gigantic throne overlooking all of the land. The city wall was etched into the mountainside and made from the strongest metals the Narem could find.

The Narem gave Gildas to the three tribes of Elves to rule from when they decided no longer to be in power over the younger races. During The Draconic War, Rath Zakel ruled from the palace and used Gildas as his base of operations. When he died, Humans ruled from the city for another 200 years. The Chosen Civil War destroyed what was left of this once wonderful city.

Now the city lies in ruins. Few people dare explore the ruins and none who do return.

Fallen Gildas’ population spread to Finian and Nerthus Vale. The majority, however, went to Nemfell and Talford, which are not official cities, but have almost city-size populations due to this migration.

Fallen Gildas

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