The Elves were one of the first races cultivated by the Narem, they took the few warring tribes and taught them the ways of civilisation. As the Elves became established, they discovered magic and used it to change their own race.

Many years ago the Elves were all varied, each one strange, mercurial and different to one another. As magic finished its’ initial forming of the world, four distinct kinds took over the Elvish gene pool, making three subraces who could rarely cooperate long enough to form an alliance.

  • Alfen: Beautiful and savage, the Wild Elves live amongst the trees and practice primal magics.
  • Dockalfen: The Dark Elves sided with the Dragons and lost. Now they are landless rogues and city-dwellers.
  • Fey: The High Elves, are fragile and smart, manipulative, arrogant and cold, the longest-lived Elf race and the current occupiers of the Elven Isles.
  • Sea Elves: Not seen for a thousand years, these Elves are now thought to be just a myth.

Each faction of the Elves took different lands to be their domain, the Alfen took the land, the Dockalfen went beneath it, the Fey took the skies and the Sea Elves the sea.

The Elves have been in a civil war for two centuries, one which has supposedly stopped since the Fey took control of the Elf lands, they refuse to let other races get involved with their conflicts. These winged creatures practice magic recklessly and consider the world their testing ground.


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