Dwarves are a stout, sturdy race, industrious and expansive.

The Narem originally built the Dwarves to be more like themselves. As the race grew, they decided to forge the world as they wanted, thus may ruins are of dwarven origin.

Once borders were created, they moved their kingdom underground, eventually creating three distinctive castes;

  • Mountain Dwarves: The rulers of their race, they claim superiority to all others, being descended from the original, subterranean race of Dwarves and controlling the primary resource of mining.
  • Wood Dwarves: Entrepreneurs and experimenters, builders and emissaries to the rest of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Sea Dwarves: Originally exiles from the mountain tribes, conquering the instinctive hatred of water the Dwarves have, they now act as merchants and traders.

The current king, King Skullsplitter, is sickly and old. He has no heirs, and should he die there would be no clear succession. This has caused the Wood Dwarves to believe they should be the new ruling caste.


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