Equal parts magic and imagination, the Dragons are the second most powerful creatures before Gods.

They were a race as populous as Humans each as powerful as that whole race. They ruled one side of the world before eventually invading the land later known as the Seven Kingdoms.

In their mortal forms, the Dragons were gigantic flying lizards, capable of shaping themselves into any form, entering the dream world at will, talking with any living or dead creatures and breathing destruction onto anything in their way.

The Dragons were almost all destroyed in the Draconic War. There were Thirty Draconic Fiefdoms, later ceded to the Seven Kingdoms by The Chosen. The surviving Dragons and their children were sealed deep into the earth and remain there to this day.

Recent Events Recent events have seen the presence of Dragons at work. Kobolds and Humans are starting cults to the Dragons. Prophets are dying mysteriously. Camlock and Swithun have both been razed by Draconic forces.

The Dragons While there were millions of Dragons, the originators of each line were the most powerful. They were each given land and a title. These are those dragons and their land. Children of Dragons There are many sub-races amongst the Dragons. This include, but are not limited to:
  • Drakes, varying from wild animals to intelligent magicians.
  • Kobolds, the lowest of the Draconic forms, the worshippers and servants of the Dragons.


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