The Wild Elves were the tribe of Elves who took the domain of the land.

The Alfen are more feral than their other kin, having been affected by the land around them. They have a more tribal system and a more hostile culture than all but the Gnolls. Originally colonial, the

Recent History p.For the last two centuries, the Alfen and the Fey have been in a civil war. The Alfen forces were divided between the Fey Isle and the mainland, which led to them losing the war. The forces travelled to the Alfen Colonies, only to be invaded by the Feywild.

The Alfen, led by the zealots of The Crimson Rose, made an ageement with King Lucien II for new land to call their own. The king died before anything could be written, but the Alfen considered the deal to have been made. They invaded Leonis and have been taking towns throughout the Manslands for their cause. There are small groups of Alfen in the north, still seperated from the others due to the Feywild attack.


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