Jaymes Altar

Naïve, well meaning priest of Nerthus


Jaymes Altar is a Human Priest of Nerthus. Son of Nathanial Altar.

Third son of the head of the temple to Nerthus in the city of Camlock.
Brought up devoutly, has faith in his deity, and in the system, so laws are important to him.
He isn’t the smartest of his generation, his older brothers have all out performed him, so his father certainly has more time for them. What he lacks in ability he more than makes up for in determination, striving constantly to be the best he can be, to better serve his family and god.

He has many friends, and has always been seen as a dependable and faithful type, his social structures are important to him. He has no real lust for adventure. He sees that whilst his brothers will probably travel and see the world, he’s more likely to take over from his father when he passes on.

His eldest brother Tamlyn is 22, Drayed next is 17, at 15 Jaymes is the third child, Sophia 7 and the twins Elric and Doman are 5. His mother died giving birth to the twins, and his father is 46.

Jaymes Altar

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