Freddie VanKampf

Daring Swashbuckler With A Dark Secret, Chosen of the Swan


Inspiration: Mattrim Cauthon, Don Draper, Jacamo Casanova

Frederich Van Kampf of The Spire Van Kampfs, well, that’s what he’d want you to believe.

The Van Kampfs were a family of silk traders in The Spire, going back generations, or at least that’s what the paper trail says.

Frederich was born Alfred Steer, his family was poor, working in the trading district of the Spire. Alfred worked for his father, loading and unloading casks of cider and ale into warehouses. His passion lied in entertaining in the local taverns for a few coins to gamble on a game of dice. It was on one of these evenings that Alfred met his defining moment.

Returning to his home on one of his trips, the rain lashing down during a particularly violent storm, he heard the screaming of a woman. Investigating, he saw two toughs chase a noble woman into an alley. He followed and managed to dispatch the two. The woman took a fancy to him and hired him as her protector, he introduced himself as Frederich.

In the time he was in her service, he met other nobles, enjoying his life with them he turned his back on his old family and embraced his new. He made connections with a master forger, crafting papers detailing the history of the Van Kampfs. So successful was he in reporting their name around court, nobles he had never met greeted him as one of their own, regaling him with stories of how they had met his father at a party, before the accident of course…

His new “family” had been taken by bandits, leaving him the sole heir but with little money. Frederich now entertains the nobility, the women find him roguish and the men enjoy his gambling and his trips to the taverns.

Why is he considered a heretic?

Well, Freddy is a devout Kivarran, which other god would shine upon a man like him? Now, of course Kivarra doesn’t care what you actually say, it’s all about what you keep in your heart, so Freddy is fine with Hail Tarantar, or whatever. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter who you worship if there are rumors going round that the wife of one of these inquisitor types is unfaithful, and they may or may not have been unfaithful with you. Oh, and this inquisitor just somehow ends up with your “fathers” monogrammed pocket watch found on a bed side table… Freddy does want that back by the way, do you have any idea how much it cost him?

Freddie VanKampf

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