Callie Banthien

A Halfling Rogue, always with a big smile on her face.


Pech / Rogue / Burglar lvl5


  • Ambush Basics
  • Knife Basics
  • Farstrider Folk
  • Fortunate
  • Fencing Basics

Proficiencies: Hurled, Edged, Edged Forte, Bow, Bow Forte, Mix-Up Feint.

Renown: Heroic 2.

Notable Items: Boots of Freedom, Dice of Banthien, Rheldon Family Journal, On the War of the Dragons, Silver Minotaur Horn Long Knife.

Languages: Halfling, Common, Draconic.
Studies: Music, Halfling Isle, Camlock, County Gildas, Draconic War, Dragons.


Callie Banthien was once a part of a travelling troupe of entertainers. All of them Halflings, her entire family and extended family.

At the age of 17, disaster struck when a maurauding band of Minotaurs attacked and decimated the troupe. Battered and confused, Callie fled, not knowing who of her family had survived.

With nothing but her father’s lute she made her living off of any money she could earn playing music, or the occasional picked pocket.

Hearing no news of any of her family surviving she eventually settled in Camlock where Claire and Tobias Maeren, the couple who ran the Gilded Goose, were kind enough to take her in.

Years passed and Callie grew accustomed to living in Camlock, making friends in Tobias and Claire as well as Sir Ian Laughton and his sister Abbey (who ran the Orphanage). And the occasional enemy, like Sir Roberts and Sebastian Ardent.

She joined a random group of people in the rescue of some missing children, and since then the group decided to join forces as a mercenary band known as Bellthorn’s Mercenaries (unfortunately). The apparent leader, Bellthorn, a large drunk fighter. Jaymes, a charming and cute boy if not a little befuddled priest. Dane, a wierd and confusing man of Magical Talent. Jaxom, a silent hunter more comfortable in the woodland areas outside Camlock. William, an experienced soldier without men to lead. And then there’s the creature known as Xal.

With the destruction of Camlock and the death of Claire (and probably Tobias), Callie has had her life taken away from her a second time. But this time she’s older. Not a little scared girl anymore. If she ever get the chance at vengeance there will be hell to pay.

Her brother Rhyse had resurfaced in Camlock shortly before it’s destruction, but once again has gone missing.

Callie Banthien

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