Grizzled warrior seeking redemption


Bellthorn is a fighter and the leader of Bellthorn’s Mercenaries. As much by chance as anything.

He seeks redemption.

Bellthorn was born to Lothar and Talia. He was a wondering mercenary of some skill and she was the daughter of a merchant family. Tired of years of conflict and battle, Lothar began to court Talia in hopes of a simple life and family. They were to have a son, and upon Beltorn’s birth, she died in labour leaving Lothar to bring up their child alone.

Growing up Bellthorn and his father moved from place to place never really settling in anyone spot to call home. Lothar always kept him close, never letting him stray too far from his gaze. After the loss of Talia, Bellthorn was all Lothar had and he was always fearful of loosing him as well. As he grew into a teenager, Bellthorn began to grow tired of his father’s protective eye which was to create a ever growing desire for independence and adventure on his own terms. This began to create tension and would put a strain on their bond causing many arguments. These arguments came to a head on his sixteenth birthday when he took the decision to run away from home to strike out on his own leaving a letter for Lothar promising to one day return to his father.

Bellthorn’s shield is a family prize. It was given to Lothar by Talia as a present to mark the start of their courtship and love. Contains her own crest that she designed.

Redemption seeker

When Bellthorn ran away from home he began to live rough for a while before deciding to try his hand at mercenary work. Having listened to his father’s stories of his fighting days and training given he began to do small jobs, mainly guard duty. After months of struggling to find work living rough in the gutters, moving from town to town, he was approached by a shadowy figure representing a noble of the district with a proposition.

An outspoken opponent of the noble was making a nuisance of himself stirring up local contempt for the corrupt rulers and needed to be silenced as he had recently learned a dark secret which was he going to use for blackmail. For this Bellthorn was to be paid handsomely. With little to loose and an empty stomach Bellthorn accepted, the conditions were, that there were no witnesses and he was never to be heard from again.

Silently breaking into the trouble makers home whilst asleep, Bellthorn killed the man, only to turn to discover his young daughter standing wide eyed in terror in the doorway. In shock and panic, Bellthorn lashed out, leaving her bleeding, dead on the floor. Bellthorn never collecting on his payment as he ran from the town never to look back, a nightmare he is still trying to escape, his only respite being his drunken bouts of sleep.

He seeks redemption from the memory of the girl he killed, hoping that one day he may even be able to look his family in the eyes again.


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