Fallen Kingdoms


Entering the town of Faldern, there were three of the giant walkers moving slowly through the forest to the north, south and east. The hamlet itself consisted of a few farmsteads, a collection of houses, a tavern and a grabdious church to Nerthus. A structure was built on the top of the church, metal poles, wooden fenceposts and bodies, the bodies of priests.

As the party entered the hamlet several residents greeted them, doffing caps but just hurrying towards their homes. Jaymes saw a woman in priests robes run to the tavern, rather than point her out, he just suggested that they go to the tavern to find out what was happening.

The tavern had about five people inside, the bar man explained that the beings of light came around a week ago, they didn’t understand why people ran from them, so they attacked, they didn’t understand eating, preying, sleeping, crying. They had killed most of the residents by the time that they understood this was normal behavior. The priests of Nerthus had been slaughtered, and in a town of 200, only 20 survived.

There were two kinds of the light beings, those that wrapped themselves in rags and spoke to the people, and those that appear from nowhere if the townsfolk cause problems and attack. If the townsfolk try to leave, they are either burnt in fire, or wrapped in a bubble of light and returned to the village. The bar keep told the party that the mayor was hiding with Rohar, a Fey magician in his shack at the top of the hill in the hamlet, the new priest, Father Bell, was at the church, and that he hadn’t seen a woman in priests robes come into the tavern.

Whilst Jaymes went to the church to speak to Father Bell, William and Bellthorn decided now would be a good time for a drinking competition, Dane kept to himself and Callie just watched out the window.

The church was far grander than a settlement of this size would normally support, with beautiful stained glass windows and a great clock. Jaymes found Father Bell tinkering with a window at the top of the clock tower. He seemed less priestly than Jaymes had expected, he was more concerned with climbing out the stained glass window and seeing what was being built on top the church. Once Jaymes saw the bodies of the priests had been built into the structure, he tried in vain to pull the windows open, before running back to the tavern to get Bellthorn to open in.

Back in the tavern, Bellthorn and William were smashed out of their minds on local mead, Dane had left to explore some of the empty houses, and Callie looked confused as to what Jaymes was doing. Jaymes explained what he wanted to do, and she helped run a rope up the side of the church so that they could climb up to the structure and free the mangled bodies from it.

As Jaymes pulled the first of the bodies out and lowered it to the ground, through the tavern window William blurrely saw two of the light beings appear with elongated claws and charge towards Jaymes. The beings attacked, and blinded Jaymes. The frakar that ensued lasted only seconds, but the party prevailed and the beings vanished.

Jaymes was single minded in his mission to pull the bodies from the church, but Callie convinced him that they could wait while we figured out what to do with the light beings themselves, and that they should go and talk to the mayor and magician. Mean while, the townsfolk came out of their homes and pleaded with the party to leave, and not antagonise the creatures, William convinced them to let the party continue and they barrackaded themselves in the tavern.

The party walked up the hill to the shack, both William and Bellthorn still drunk, William explained the rules of how to knock on a door, wait for a response and then enter when invited, rather than just jump through a window. Once inside the shack, Callie began searching for interesting books to steal while the Mayor and Rohar said that they had no idea what these things were and had no interest in helping get rid of them. Exasperated, Jaymes stormed out of the house shouting for the creatures to show themselves.

The party ran to catch up with him as three robed beings appeared and surrounded Jaymes. They tried to communicate what they were, and after a frustrating “conversation” it transpired that each of the beings was a concept of light, the main one here being “the glint off new metal” the destruction they had wrought was accidental, and that they had fallen from the heavens and were trying to hide in the village, the best way they saw that that should happen was to never let the village change. Slowly, Jaymes explained that the people needed to be able to come and go, and live and continue for them to continue to be hidden.

The ultimate aim of the beings seemed to be to return to the heavens, with this in mind, they wanted Jaymes Staff of Nerthus to put at the spire of the structure they had installed on the church to act as a vessel to return home.

Hoping that they would not need the staff for long, Jaymes gave them the staff, the being rushed to the temple to install it while Jaymes frantically ran after it and began climbing the church. When he reached the top, the church was bathed in a blinding light and then vanished, leaving Jaymes and Callie to fall 40 feet to the ground.

The party questioned the beings that were left behind, but they did not know when the church or staff would be back as time had no meaning to them, but until it was returned, they would hide, invisibly protecting the village, allowing it to function as normal.

The mayor was alerted to the situation, and the townsfolk were thankful that their village was left in peace. When Jaymes returned to the tavern, he saw the woman in priests robes at a table, but before he could talk to her, an alarm was raised that there was fighting on the outskirts of town.

Just in the treeline, mercenaries from Camlock were harrasing a farmer from Feldern, they had been sent to search for the party, assuming that they had been killed. Returning to the camp, the party began the process of moving the wagons down into Faldern so the survivors could sleep in beds and rest properly. Deeth was brought up to speed by William, and Jaymes asked what Xal was, revealing that he was “the moment of hope after a tragedy”. Exausted, Jaymes collapsed in his magic hamoc and forgot to return to the tavern.

In the morning, Jaymes remembered the woman in the tavern, and rushed to meet her, she told him how she was actually in a scrying chamber in a fort a half days travel south of the town, that she wasn’t alone, but that they were being hunted and kept in the keep against their will. Jaymes agreed to help and gathered the party, along with Xal to head to the keep.

The approach to the keep was sign posted with warnings of a plauge, and it wasn’t long till the party encountered a patrol if warriors of Delionis. They had made camp outside a fort where they had quarantined a group of clerics due to a plague that had been spreading.

Long story short, the party is split, Callie and Jaymes get thrown into the fort by the clerics of Delionis and William, Dane and Bellthorn head to watch the troops of Delionis conduct manouvers.

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